Successful, Single, Ready: How to Attract the Love You Want

How to Find Love, Without Even Looking

Are you sick of being on the losing side of love?  Have you looked everywhere and are losing hope that you'll ever find your soulmate?  Where do women, just like you, women who are single not by design but by circumstance; women who are happily doing the damn thing in other areas of their lives, but are less successful in their committed relationships; where do you find love?

Well, what if I told you that your job is not to LOOK for love or know HOW or WHERE your partner will appear?  Contrary to what you've been told or lead to believe, that's not how true, sustaining, fulfilling relationships are found.  Finding your mate is not a game of hide and seek.

Successful, Single, Ready is a comprehensive, four-month program designed to teach you how to create and manifest the love you want, even if you've given up all hope.   Each of the modules is specifically designed to transform your love life from the inside out. We'll work on turning you into the best woman and partner you can be, while at the same time teaching you how to successfully attract love into your life.   Here's what you'll discover:

How to find the love you want, without even looking.  Not knowing where to meet eligible, willing partners is a top tier client complaint. Learn a powerful new mindset and bevy of tools that will  turn you into a magnet for attracting the exact relationship you want.

How to stop attracting the kind of love that never lasts and start attracting what you deserve. You'll learn my proven method to uncover the magnetic root energy that’s keeping you trapped in the awful dating cycle full of frustration and rejection and then transform it into an energy that connects you with like and loving potential mates.

How to trust yourself and your choices when it comes to love.  After years of picking wrong and paying a high emotional cost for those choices, it's easy to stop trusting yourself. You'll learn what your true desires and deal breakers are  so you can stop settling and start choosing.

How stop fearing love and start attracting it.  You can't embrace what scares you.  You'll learn to truly understand love in all of its many forms, discover the real reason most of us feel skittish about love, and apply my most popular attitude readjustment, one my clients report, “changes everything.”

You'll  learn all these things and so much more, including:

  • Getting to know and fall in love with yourself in a way you've yet to experience
  • Learning who you are as a partner, and what you really want in a partnership
  • Understanding the complete energetic history of your relationships and how to change the kind of love you've been attracting
  • Amping up your charm offensive and learning rejection-proof flirting tips
  • How to feel blissfully content in who you are, as you are and live happily single while love finds its way to you

How much longer are you willing to wait for love?   It's time.  Apply now.

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Ready to start attracting love into your life? Book your complimentary discovery call, right now.  You'll have the opportunity to share your story and I'll share some of my insights and tips with you.

After we've chatted, and you see value in joining us at Stiletto U, we can discuss working together.  If it's a mutual fit, I'll ask you to apply.

The work we do through SSR is truly transformative.  That said, I take on a limited number of clients at a time, assuring each client gets the attention necessary for her growth and achievement.  I love what I do, and I'm good at it.  I get results, and because I work hard for you, I expect you to work just as hard for yourself.  My success rate is high because I select the right clients to work with, just like you need to select the right coach.

On this 50-minute call, we can scope each other out, because the right fit is everything when it comes to success.  You might find that this isn't right for you, and that's okay!  But if you do apply, and are selected, your work will begin right away, because we are as eager as you are to get the love flowing in your life again! 

Talk soon!

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Frequently Asked Questions


What's a Next-Level Mindset?

SSR takes the way you've been looking at yourself, love and relationships and gives you a fresh perspective that is empowering and soul satisfying.  Look at it this way, instead of the worn out, worth-busting, "Please, pick me" approach you've been using to find love, we're going to level up your mindset to "Well, hello.  You're exactly what I ordered."

What Will I Learn?

In addition to falling in love with yourself and finding your worth and value as a partner, you're going to learn how to understand and use the Law of Attraction and Creating and Manifesting to attract the love you want, without even looking!  You're also going to learn how to raise your flirt game up to a rejection-proof level that will astound and delight you!

Is This For Me?

Like I said, I have great success as a coach, because I pick the right clients.  If all that you've read so far is resonating, and you are REALLY sick of being on the losing side of love, and REALLY want to do something about it, then SSR is for you.  BUT (and it's a big one) if you are NOT willing or able to commit the time and effort needed for your own transformation; are looking for a quick fix; DO NOT value yourself and your own happiness and are NOT willing to commit the time, effort and money to achieve success; or you are NOT truly desirous for change in your single way of life, please DO NOT apply.  Not being mean.  I don't want to waste your time or mine.  But if you are ready, I'd love to work with you.

How Does It Work?

Once you have your Discovery Call, apply and we mutually decide SSR is a good fit for you, the work begins.  You'll receive a new module each month, with four weeks worth of material for you to work on at your own pace, plus your Guided Life Lab material.  You'll also have a bi-weekly coaching call with me, plus optional office hour access each week.  During these, 'office hours' you can pop in for a quick  Q & A or just for some mutual support.  Each module builds on the next, so it's important to complete each one before moving on.  Of course, you'll have unlimited email access to me between calls, and I will get back to you within 24 hours.

What's Included?

  • 8-Weekly Modules PLUS 8-Weekly Guided Life Labs  
  • Videos and PDF Workbooks with Exercises and Instruction
  • 8 bi-weekly 1:1 Coaching sessions PLUS 6 Post-Package Check-in Sessions (good 8 months)
  • Unlimited Email Acess Between Sessions
  • Weekly Office Hour access
  • 6-Personal, Channeled Angel Messages (optional)

How Do I Apply?

Book your Discovery Call NOW!  Spots are limited so you want to apply soon.  Once all my coaching slots are filled, those who have applied will be put on a waiting list and will start as soon as an opening becomes available.  Book now. How much longer are you going to wait and hope that love will find you.  Let's do this!

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Success! Buzz From My Amazing Clients

Dreena, 56 Georgia

 "Thank you!  I am happy to report that since I've been doing the energy work, I'm dating again and meeting men who have the qualities I want.  No more build-a-mate for me!  It's like a whole new world out here!  I'm excited about my future and know it's just a matter of time until I meet the perfect man for me!"

Virginia, 39 Michigan

 "The reason I didn't want the men I was getting was because all the things I said I wanted weren't important.  Finally, I have my priorities right!  It's been  a year and me and CK are going strong!" 

Lara, 53 New York

 "I didn't know what to expect when I started, and was a bit skeptical. I quickly overcame the skepticism after the first session! Working with Lori made me realize that happiness is achievable in parts of my life where I didn't think it was possible."   

Meg, 47 New Jersey

 "My initial goals came quicker than I imagined and were more focused and truthful. She listens with her soul and generously doles out insight.   If Lori has popped up on your radar, RUN! Don't walk to make an appointment.  There is a reason she has.  She is a gift of a couch, bringing balance to disorder." 

Susan, 52 Canada

 "At first, I didn't know what to think about all the next-level mindset talk, but the way it's presented, and all the exercises and support Lori gives you until you get it, made me a believer!  The  root energy work she does to help you see why your relationships keep failing is the best part of the program.  That one module answered questions that years of therapy couldn't." 

Tracey, 34 Maryland

 "Taking SSR, I really had no idea what to expect.  From the first class, I realized that before I could love anyone, I had to pour love into myself first.  This helped with deciding what I wanted and what I didn't.  I had to really let go of the fear of not being married, and once I did, everything turned around!  I'm with L and things are going amazingly well.  I'm so happy.  I told him if I didn't have you, I don't think I could have done the work by myself."