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I love helping women find and fall in love with the best of themselves, and I'm committed to helping them truly transform.  As your coach, I will honor your feelings, respect your confidence, and never, ever judge.  I bring several unique tools with me, including a command of the Law of Attraction and personal messages for you from the Angel realm.  I'll meet you where you are, help pull you up to where you want to be, all the while supporting you while I gently hold you accountable.  And I promise, any tears shed will be equally met with joy and laughter and the knowing that your life is about to change in the direction of your dreams, and for your highest good.

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Complimentary Clinics


Every few months, SU opens up our virtual doors to invite you into our zesty Zoom Room for a 90-minute free clinic on popular subjects. Each clinic begins with a 30-minute presentation followed by a lively discussion and Q & A.  The clinics are complimentary but you must be registered  to attend.

Here's our 2019 Schedule

All clinics begin at 8pm ET

April  10th - Love 101

June 11th - WMS Flirting 101

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Packaged Programs


Stiletto U is pleased to offer two  proven programs designed to help you transform yourself and your relationships. 

The Power of Wow:  Boost your feminine "WOW" individually, socially, and sexually. Fall in love with you while finding your unique brand of sexy.

Successful, Single, Ready: This  is for women who are successful at everything but love and relationships. You'll learn what's been keeping you single and how to attract the quality love you want.

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Love is a 4-Letter Word:  Exploring the Desire and Disenchantment of Love

Enjoy this workshop showing you how to transform your love life from the inside out.  You can download the worksheets below.

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4-Letter Word Worksheets (pdf)