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Society has done a pretty good job teaching women how to be good at what we do, but nobody teaches us how to be good at who we are, especially as women, lovers, and mates.  Think about it, who taught you how to be a healthy, sensual, confident sexual being?  Who sat you down to tell you how to excel in love and your relationships?  If you're like most of my clients, the answer is no body.  In fact, the world seems to go out of its way to confuse us--particularly when it comes to the essence of our feminine selves.  Well, welcome to Stiletto University, a virtual university dedicated to teaching you how to unearth and unleash the confident, sexy you in life, love and your intimate relationships. 

Lori Bryant Woolridge, CPC, CSC, ACC

sexual confidence coach, love and relationships,

l am a certified  confidence and spiritual life coach, specializing in feminine self esteem and sexual confidence.  I'm also the author of eight books, including  The Power of Wow: A Guide to Unleashing the Confident, Sexy You. For over ten years, I've been coaching women on how to find their own brand of sexy and how to understand love and attract it into their lives. My expertise as led me to be interviewed on all kinds of media, including Cosmopolitan, Essence, Psyhologies, and Matters Magazines, I've been a contributor  on sensuality, love and relationships for the Huffington Post and other online sites, as well as shared my expertise to dozens of radio, television shows and podcasts.   I've also done workshops and classes around the country and in Mexico on everything from creating your own brand of sexy, to how to stop searching for love and start attracting it, to how to throw a Red Hot Night. And every book, interview, class or clinic runs on the same theme, being sexy and confident is not about playing a role, it's about being you --natural, empowered and simply gorgeous AS IS. And everything, from coaching my clients to living my life, is based on my deeply held belief that All Masters Learn Through Joy.

Here's the Info that Counts

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So, over there, to the left, that's the offical bio--but here's the one that really counts.  I am wise and seasoned by age and life experience and I full live the life I promote.  I am a joyful and productive flirt (my biggest charm achievement: I met and was engaged in 6 days) and a lifelong sensualist.  I am also active love connoisseur, an avid spiritual-seeker (though my halo is a tad crooked) and an Angel Scribe (one of my  more unique coaching tools).  My individual study and passion for understanding feminine confidence and esteem (the stuff that drives all the fun parts of being a woman) began in earnest after losing ME, when I became a mommy.  I wanted to be both a sexy mama and my baby's mama, but everything was different--my body and mindset.  I couldn't reconcile the two, and I wanted me back. But how? So, every cocktail party conversation became a focus group, every flirtation an experiment in cause and effect.  Life became my laboratory and I became my own case study.  I learned SO much, the most important being: The best technique for achieving success in all areas of my life (sex included) was to simply get to know myself, and then happily BE myself.  And now, with some extra professional study and training, I pass all these lessons on to you, with love.

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